Virtual Study Buddy: Learn in the time of corona – Quarantine Routine

We interrupt your regular written content to bring you…videos!

The first video contained tips, tricks and to-dos to make the most of your online classes. This video is all about how to use structure and scheduling to ensure you stay balanced, on top and steady. I’ve also written my top tips below to summarise the video.

With the world in turmoil, I’ve struggled in the last two weeks or so to find the motivation to study and work as I have felt my focus and energy ought to be going towards directly helping the fight (and protection) against the coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic. What I have realised is that, despite feeling like I want to help and fix ALL things, that’s not possible, productive or practical.

I am, however, reminded daily through social media that those lucky enough to be able to continue studying may be feeling a little lost, anxious and alone during these uncertain times – and new systems and ways of learning may be contributing to that. I’ve realised that I might be able to help in a small way combat that type of isolation or anxiety. So, with that in mind, I’m going to be filming a few videos chatting to you about how to make the best of the new systems, tips and tricks and how to structure these coming weeks to stay healthy, productive and happy and how to stay sane and connected during lockdown.

If you’re looking for other practical and positive ways to approach the pandemic, I wrote this (note: written on 15th March).

Tips for structure and scheduling:

  • Create a spreadsheet or timetable of your work/classes – and include rest days and exercise
  • That spreadsheet should be flexible enough for ‘life’ to happen and yet still feel in control, and prepared for the essential work/study you need to do
  • Set aside a space that is dedicated to your work/study – if you can, ideally try and ensure this is not in your bedroom so that you create some separation between day and night
  • Set an alarm at the same time every morning to get you into a healthy habit and start the day the right way
  • If exercise works for you, then make sure to make time for it – even if you’re feeling upset, frustrated or tired – it can really boost your mood, your immune system and your attitude. It doesn’t need to be as intense as marathon training! Even just a bit of a stretch or a stroll can really help
  • Keep your evenings as free of work/study as possible
  • Book in social time with friends and (remotely) keep in touch
  • Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to be constantly productive or upbeat – these are difficult, draining and distressing times and it’s natural (and normal) for you to feel that way
  • Create a pleasant environment around you by doing odd jobs or growing something or having a creative outlet
  • Feed yourself ‘good stuff’ by cooking as much from scratch as possible – that way you send yourself positive messages, get a break from work/study and stay healthy

I’d like this to be more of a conversation – a way for us to figure this out and get through this together. Send me a message or write a comment below with some things you’ve learned during this week that might help others, something positive you’ve discovered during this time or make a suggestion for what you’d like to see next!

4 thoughts on “Virtual Study Buddy: Learn in the time of corona – Quarantine Routine

  1. Anonymous says:

    So useful. Really appreciate you taking the time to film. Love the blog…keep it up…you’re helping so many. And not just with career help.


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